The Focus of Our Efforts



Every year on Christmas day, Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries anticipates throwing their annual missions project on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This upcoming year with the help of our partners and sponsors we will be hosting our 4th annual project. On this day, we as a community of family and friends come together to hot meals, warm and cold beverages, and winter care packages that consist of new sneakers, socks, hats, thermal shirts, and gloves. With each passing year, the need grows, and the mission expands to serve those needs.


During the fall and winter months, Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries serves meals intermittently on a monthly basis. As a team, we migrate to the downtown Philadelphia area and
distribute meals to those in need. We serve about 100 meals during these outings.


Interested in joining our cause?

"You are Royalty, our life circumstances cannot change what God has written in his Word about us and our passion is to treat people like the Kings and Queens that they are"

Michael Cunningham Jr,

Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries is a certified 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization

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