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Michael Cunningham 

Minister Michael Cunningham of Philadelphia is a servant of Christ, husband, father, and
co-founder of the non-profit organization Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries. He is married to Damali Cunningham, and they have one child together, Nia.


At 12, he dedicated his life to God while attending Freedom Christian Fellowship Church under Apostle Gilbert Coleman. Michael had a passion for leadership at a young age. While at Community College of Philadelphia, he accepted a college internship through the Partnerships for Achieving Careers In Technology and Science at the Franklin Institute. Through this network, he mentored youth and cultivated education, volunteerism, and career exploration in middle and high school students. Later, while serving as a spiritual son to Pastor Elsie Bowen, she recognized the calling on Michael Cunningham’s life.

In 2014 Michael was ordained as a minister under her organization Righteous Healing Ministries.

In 2017 Michael Cunningham and his wife founded Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries. What started as an effort to provide hot meals to the hungry and homeless in Philadelphia evolved into a movement to unite and empower people from all walks of life. Michael continues to serve others as Christ leads him. His commitment to ministry leads him to move with compassion and intentionality. His walk with Christ fuels his purpose to improve his community and inspire change among those around him.

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