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Michael Cunningham 

 Michael Cunningham is the visionary of Kingdom Keepers Outreach Ministries (KKOM). His shared passion for ministering to the needs of others and effecting radical change prompted him to co-found KKOM with his wife, Damali Cunningham. He currently holds the position of President and serves on KKOM’s board of directors. 


Fueled by his late grandmother’s love of serving, Michael uses his raw experiences, unique voice, and empathetic heart to inspire others. Michael majored in Communication in college and utilized those interpersonal skills to connect to the masses. Previously hailing as CEO of Kingdom Keepers Cleaning Services and Minister of Righteous Healing Ministries under Pastor Elsie Bowen, Michael’s strengths in strategic planning, financial management, and leadership to the board have advanced the organization into what we see today.


While serving under the mentorship of Wanda Williams and her outreach ministry, Fishgate, he started his healing process and learned how to minister beyond the walls of the church effectively. Michael uses his pain to push him to greatness and encourages others to do the same. His spiritual walk was not void of hardships, but his faith in God led him from tragedy to triumph.

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